Meet Abigail


Meeting her aunties waiting outside the gate.
Meeting her aunties waiting outside the gate
Nursing for the first time.
First Slurps

Born to Oreo and Clorox Hupp

February 5th, 2018 12:10 PM EST

Though the sorrow may last through the night, joy comes in the morning. Well… the early afternoon, anyway. Praise God.

Mother and daughter doing well. Oreo doesn’t look quite so much like a beer barrel with legs now. There was also an undeveloped baby in another water sac in the placenta, but it never grew to more than about 1/2 inch. It’s a good thing, too. Abigail’s front legs were back, and Oreo would probably have lost her if we hadn’t heard her crying out with every push.

Twins would probably have killed Oreo since she’s so tiny. We didn’t think Abigail was alive at first, but she’s pretty feisty – and huge. Oreo is going to need a lot of energy to keep up with feeding her.

Waiting for Mom to get done with lunch.
Waiting for Mom to get done with lunch.

She looks almost identical to Mom. The only thing she got from Dad is a slightly lighter overall color, and maybe a little bigger size. The stubby LaMancha ears, and the white belt around her belly are all Mom.

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