Luke 1:51-56

Concluding study of the Song of Mary (The Magnificat). A look at pride – the root of all sin, and God’s promise to break it and exalt the humble. An examination of the false doctrine of replacement theology, and the fulfillment of God’s prophecies concerning His chosen people, Israel, especially the “valley of dry bones” prophecy in Ezekiel 37.

Luke 1: 46-50

Part 1 of a study of Mary’s song of praise – The Magnificat – when she was visiting her cousin Elizabeth after Elizabeth’s baby – John the Baptist – leapt inside her womb when Mary came into the room. What it means that our souls magnify the LORD. Mary’s own implicit denial of her own deity in referring to her savior – the LORD. The holiness of God’s Name. A brief reiteration God’s quality of mercy, and His desire of the same quality in His children.

Luke 1:26-45

The announcement of the coming birth of Jesus by Gabriel to the virgin Mary. A brief look at some of the Old Testament Messianic prophecies fulfilled by Jesus’ birth. The essential nature of the virgin birth to the Gospel of salvation by Jesus’ perfect sacrifice on the cross. Refutation of the un-Biblical idea that Mary was also born with a sinless nature, leading to the idolatrous worship of Mary.

Luke 1:11-25

John the Baptist’s father – Zacharias’ – encounter with the angel Gabriel at the temple altar of incense. Examination of what the Bible teaches and doesn’t teach about the relationship between Elijah and John the Baptist. A brief look at what Luke says (and doesn’t say) about the date of John the Baptist’s birth.

Luke 1:1-10

Luke’s own explanation of his reason and qualification to write this gospel account. A discussion of the divisions of the ancient Hebrew priesthood established during the reign of King David by lot. God’s repeated redemption of childless couples throughout the Scripture. God’s Levitical ordinances pertaining to the burning of incense before Him. The symbolic significance of incense representing the prayers of the saints.

Luke Introduction

Luke title page

Introduction to the Gospel of Luke
Author – Luke the physician, companion of Paul.
Date – 51-62 AD, between Luke’s first meeting Paul during his 2nd missionary journey, and the completion of the book of Acts during Paul’s house arrest in Rome 61-62 AD.
Theme and Purpose – Declaration of salvation found by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.