Hive Inspection – 20171026

Summary of hive inspections at Jehovah Jireh apiary, October 26, 2017. Hive 1 – found several bees with DWV, and several dead, white, nearly emerged pupae on bottom screen. Otherwise okay. Hive 2 – found queen, but she isn’t marked. This hive may have swarmed or superseded. Hive 3 – On its way out. No eggs, no uncapped brood. Very sparse capped brood. Low worker population.

Hive Inspection – 20171002

Summary of hive inspections at Jehovah Jireh apiary, October 2, 2017. The bees in all three hives were calm. No sign of any significant infestations. Population in all three hives was sparse. Attribute to early fall foraging, in the middle of a sunny, warm, but not hot day, or possibly due to Autumn draw-down. About 50 dead bees on the bottom screen of Hive 3, but none in death throes like last inspection. All hives seem to be okay in terms of stores. All three hives’ brood clustered at entrance end, with one frame of honey between entrance end wall and brood – textbook behavior per Dr. Leo. No queens seen, but eggs and brood of all ages found in all three hives.

Hive Inspection – 20170907

Summary of hive inspections at Jehovah Jireh apiary, September 7, 2017. Today marks the end of a 24-day enforced brood break in Hive 2. We therefore released the existing queen from isolation. We originally planned to requeen today, using an egg frame from one of the other colonies. But we decided on advice from our mentor to leave the existing queen due to the lateness of the season. We administered the last of three planned powdered sugar sprinkles in all three hives. The sugar shakes and brood break are part of our attempt to bring the Varroa mite population down going into winter.