Hebrews 5:12-6:6 – Growing in Christ

The Hebrews writer puts aside for the time being his discussion of Jesus’ role as our Great High Priest, and His relationship with Melchizedek – the priest and king of Salem, and takes up a brief exhortation for all believers to beware of growing stagnant in our spiritual lives, pointing out the need for us to continually grow in Christ. We then tackle one of the most difficult passages in the entire Word of God as the writer warns that those who fall away from the faith cannot possibly be redeemed again.

Hebrews 2:5-8 – Jesus Made a Little Lower Than the Angels

Having made the case of Jesus’ divinity, and given a strong admonishment not to disregard the Gospel of salvation in Christ preached by the prophets, the angels, Jesus Himself, and His disciples. The author of Hebrews now discusses Jesus’ dominion over all Creation, His incarnation in the flesh of a man, and our inability to perceive in our flesh His universal dominion because of the rampant evil presently in the world.