Death and Resurrection 11 – Shall We Know Each Other in Heaven

One of the piercing questions in the heart of every believer is whether we and our loved ones will recognize each other in Heaven. It is a perturbing question, but we mustn’t allow it to disrupt the joy we have in our salvation and the sure knowledge that regardless of whether we know each other in Heaven, we ourselves will be dwelling forever there in the glorious presence of Jesus our beloved Savior.

Death and Resurrection 10 – Heaven – Home of the Redeemed

Paul makes it clear that earth is not the true home of Christian believers, but merely our dwelling place while we complete the work for which God has placed us here. We dream of and long for our eternal home in the glorious presence of Jesus our Savior. In this session, we discuss some particulars about Heaven in the light of what God’s Word tells us about our true home.

Death and Resurrection 9 – The Consciousness of the Soul After Death

We discuss the various theories about the state of man’s eternal soul between the time of bodily death, and the time of God’s final judgments and the bodily resurrection we spoke of in previous sessions. In particular, we consider the controversial idea of so-called “soul sleep.”

Death and Resurrection 6 – The Future Judgment of Believers

The Bible makes it clear that God will one day judge all mankind – even those who believe and profess the Gospel of Jesus. In fact, God’s Word tells us of several different judgments God will pronounce. We consider first the judgment of true believers at the so-called Judgment Seat of Christ.

Death and Resurrection 4 – The Two Resurrections

Assuming that man is eternal and that bodily death is really the temporary separation of the body from the soul, the question then becomes when and where the body and soul are reunited. The answer to this question is inextricably tied to God’s judgment at the end of time. Therefore, we find there are two distinct resurrections – one unto eternal life in the presence of God and one unto eternal condemnation apart from God – based solely on whether a person believes in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and confesses Him as LORD.

Death and Resurrection 3 – Can We Believe in Immortality

Having examined the concept of mankind as a trinity – body, soul, and spirit, and knowing that the body is subject to death, we now need to seek an answer to the question whether the soul of man is mortal as well – dying with the body – or whether the soul has an immortal existence apart from the body.

Death and Resurrection 1 – Death

We consider the subjects of death and resurrection using the booklet “Death and Afterward” by Dr. Lehman Strauss as a framework for our discussions.