Genesis 34 – Blasphemous Injustice

Jabob & Leah’s sons Simeon and Levi take shameful vengeance on the men of Shechem after the son of the city’s leader had forced their sister Dinah to have sex with him.

Genesis 31 – Jacob Returns to Canaan

In this chapter, God called Jacob to return with his wives, children, and livestock from serving his uncle Laban in Padan Aram to the land of Canaan he had fled twenty years earlier to escape the anger of his brother Esau.

Genesis 25 – Sibling Rivalry

In this chapter, we find the death of Abraham, and the birth of his twin grandsons – Esau and Jacob. We find here the rivalry between these brothers, culminating in Esau’s forfeiture of his birthright.

Genesis 15 – God’s Covenant with Abram

This is now the third time God promised Canaan and the surrounding region to Abram’s descendants. God now clarifies that promise, and also promises Abram an heir to inherit the promise. God formalized the promise with the cutting of a covenant between Himself and Abram. Abram’s faith in God’s promise was credited to him as righteousness.