Christian Life Foundations Course

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Study Type - Adult Lesson

Fellowship - Becky Bereans

Series - Christian Life Foundations Course

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In the summer of 2022, we began hosting a home fellowship at our home on Lake Becky in upstate South Carolina, starting with a nine-session Christian Life Foundations Course. The study notes outlines, handouts, scripture references, relevant resource links, and recordings for the course are posted here.

Study Notes

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Christian Life Foundations 1 – Fundamental Beliefs

The Bible – is the basis for all aspects of Christian life. We believe that the Bible is God’s very Word – spoken by Him over thousands of years through the scribes and prophets God chose and guided to write by His Spirit. From God’s Word, we derive several foundational beliefs to which all Christians must adhere:

  • Inerrancy of God’s Word
  • The Holy Trinity
  • The Creation of the Universe
  • The Fall of Man
  • The Virgin Birth
  • The Deity of Jesus
  • The Present Works of God’s Spirit in the World
  • Angels
  • Jesus’ Ordinances for the Church

Christian Life Foundations Course 2 – Growing in our Relationship with God

In this second part of our Christian Life Foundations Course, we examine the so-called “spiritual disciplines” by which we grow in our knowledge of God through His Word, and draw closer to Him in our daily lives.

Christian Life Foundations Course 3 – The Holy Spirit

In this session, we examine the person of God’s Spirit and His works in the hearts and lives of the believers whom He indwells. In particular, we look at the miraculous works of the Spirit, and His spiritual gifts to those re-born in Him.

Christian Life Foundations Course 4 – Growing Together in Christ

In this session we discuss Christian growth within the global Church through fellowship, group Bible Study, corporate prayer, group worship, community service together, financial support, encouragement, two-by-two evangelism, etc.

Christian Life Foundations Course 5 – Growing in Community

In this session, we consider ways that we as individuals and as a body of believers can show and share the love of Jesus in our community among believers and unbelievers alike.

Christian Life Foundations Course 6&7 – Old Testament Overview

In these two sessions we looked at the overall structure and highlights of the Old Testament Law, Prophets, and Writings. We each shared our favorite Old Testament passages.

Christian Life Foundations Course 8&9 – New Testament Overview

In the last two sessions of our Christian Life Foundations Course, we looked at the overall structure and content of the New Testament gospel accounts, acts of the apostles, letters, and the Revelation of Jesus Christ. We then shared our favorite New Testament passages.

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