Genesis 12-13 – The Calling of Abram

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Study Type - Adult Lesson

Fellowship - Becky Bereans

Series - Genesis 2024

Book - Genesis

Abram, Canaan, egypt, haran, Lot, Pharaoh, Sarai

Genesis 12-13, Matthew 10:34-39, Ephesians 2:8-10, John 14:13, James 4:3

Genesis 12 & 13 tell the story of God’s call for Abram to leave his father Terah in Haran and journey to a land that God would show him. When he arrived in Canaan, God promised to give all the land of Canaan to Abram’s descendants.

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Patriarchs in Canaan Map

This map shows the locations (known or speculated) for various places mentioned in Genesis.

Map © Used by permission

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