WARNING – Hebrew References are Backwards on This Blog

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For discussions pertaining to Hebrew words on this blog, I ordinarily use the Blue Letter Bible interlinear verse reference. The Hebrew text on this interlinear is correct. 

When I write new blog posts, I use Microsoft Word, and cut and past the Hebrew and Greek words from the BLB interlinear into a Word document. I just noticed that somewhere between the BLB website and the Word document, the Hebrew letters are being reversed to incorrectly read left-to-right, instead of right-to-left as Hebrew should be.

Anyone using the text of this blog to create their own documents should take note of this warning. If I ever take the contents of this blog and use them to create some other publication, I will address the issue then. In the meantime, this warning will just have to suffice.


If you want some fun, go to the BLB website, click on any verse in the Old Testament to open up the interlinear, then use your mouse to highlight any Hebrew word along with its English transliteration. As you move your mouse right, the cursor will jump to the beginning (right) of the Hebrew word and move to the left. As you continue moving your mouse to the right, the cursor will jump from the end (left) of the Hebrew word to the beginning (left) of the English transliteration. This only works this way if the two words are on the same line, though.

Cool, huh?

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