Genesis 34 – Blasphemous Injustice

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Jabob & Leah’s sons Simeon and Levi take shameful vengeance on the men of Shechem after the son of the city’s leader had forced their sister Dinah to have sex with him.

Luke 2:21-40

Jesus is circumcised on the eight day, and later is dedicated to the LORD and redeemed by his parents in accordance with the Law of Moses, since He was their firstborn.
At the dedication, Joseph and Mary meet Simeon who was promised he would not die until he had seen the Christ, and Anna – a 90-year-old prophetess who had been awaiting Israel’s redemption.

Luke 1:57-80

Zacharias’ blessing of his son, John the Baptist after his voice was restored at the baby’s circumcision. An examination of the Messianic prophecies Zacharias quotes in this blessing. A brief look at the name of Jesus – Dayspring – and the significance of this word, also translated “east” in Messianic prophecy.

Introduction to Philippians

Philippians title page

Location and history of ancient Philippi. Acts 15-16 account of Paul’s second missionary journey and the founding of the Philippian church.