Another Triumph for the Enemy of Our Souls

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I have a dream…

…that one day our little girls’ sense of self-worth and our young women’s value in society will be determined not by the amount of skin they flaunt and the raunchiness of their “dancing” and “lyrics” on the VMA telecast, but by the content of their hearts – their devotion to God and to their fellow human beings.

Okay. It surely must be assumed that nobody watches the Video Music Awards in the hopes of finding anything tasteful, edifying, or wholesome (or musical for that matter). But the nauseating, display of abject harlotry to which the world was subjected by Miley Cyrus at the VMAs this year clearly plumbs new depths even for this bastion of depravity. Just a little less than two years ago before Ms. Cyrus turned 18, such an exhibition might well have been prosecutable under international child pornography laws.

With this loathsome episode, Ms. Cyrus has stumbled onto a path of destruction and tragedy which has devoured far too many of the young women in our increasingly youth-, celebrity-, and sex-obsessed society over the last century. Even worse, she is leading untold numbers of younger girls down this tragic blind alley. Our little girls are misled almost from infancy into associating their own worth with their physical bodies. The satanically-directed machine of our mass media reinforces this lie with a constant bombardment of images and attitudes. Our little boys grow up to think of women as mere objects of lustful desire who may be treated with disdain, and traded on the market as a commodity. No consideration at all is placed on women’s souls, minds, and spirits. Their physical bodies are considered as the sum of their worth.  When their bodies grow old, sick, or even unfashionable women are simply discarded and replaced with a new, more vibrant crop of younger tantalizing bodies with no concern whatsoever for the human heart and soul which dwells within them.

This has been the program of the enemy of our souls since the very beginning. In creating mankind and womankind, God gave us a beautiful and precious gift when He established the institution of marriage between a man and his wife. Sexual intimacy within the bounds of this sacred institution, founded on love and trust, was given by God to seal our marriages into the solid kernels upon which our society was to be based – the family.

But since Lucifer and his demons fell from grace, he has sought to undermine God’s perfect design for our families and society by attacking marriage which forms their core, and particularly the sanctity of the marriage bed. He has increasingly been able to substitute savage, deplorable lusts and all manner of unspeakably vile and destructive perversions for the beautiful, loving, validating, and edifying gift of sexuality with which God created us. Satan twists God’s gift of sex based on love, trust, tenderness, and mutual respect into something God never intended – something ugly and painful, driven by beastly lust, and fraught with recrimination and destruction. The enemy’s tools have become more and more powerful and pervasive with the advent of mass media, and now Miley Cyrus has made herself yet another one of them.

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