Bashar al-Assad is a Rank Amateur in the Child Murder Biz

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Bashar Al Assad
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

For some weeks now, the world has been rightly outraged at the barbaric Syrian government’s use (once again) of chemical weapons against its own people. The most recent attack killed over 70 people including 20 children, and injured hundreds. Today, I spoke to a young man in one of the local home improvement stores who told me that the video on the news channels of the aftermath has moved him to such outrage, he plans to enlist in the US military as soon as he can to join the fight against Bashar al-Assad’s government. May God bless and keep him in this endeavor if he follows through with it.

A somewhat lesser proportion of the world’s people is also outraged at the Trump administration’s military response to the Syrian attack in which some 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles were targeted at the Syrian military installations from which the Syrian chemical attack was launched. An even smaller proportion of the population is outraged at the name of the Tomahawk cruise missile, but that’s a subject for another BriRant.

Last week, the day after the USA launched its retaliatory attack on Syria, my wife and I were eating dinner  at a very nice place in the Georgia Appalachian foothills. In the restaurant bar, the television was tuned to one of the more liberal mainstream news channels. All right. It was CNN, okay?! They were predictably outraged at the US military response, calling it irresponsible, disproportionate, dangerous, etc. Between segments of interviews with Trump bashers about the US attack, the channel rebroadcast heart-rending video of desperate Syrian parents fervently dousing their stricken children with water hoses in the hopes of mitigating the effects of the Sarin. These clips literally had me sobbing over my supper.

On the way home from this somewhat dismal outing we passed a church with a sign outside which read, “In memory of the 4000 children killed each day in abortions.” I decided I should find out whether the church’s pastor had his numbers right. As it turns out, it all depends upon which murdered children we’re talking about.

  • By its own records, the largest abortion “provider” in the USA murdered 327,653 babies in 2014. That comes to a little over 897 babies murdered per day in that year by Planned Parenthood alone.
  • The Centers for Disease Control statistics for 2013 show 664,435 babies murdered in the USA by abortion – about 1,820 daily on average.
  • The Guttmacher Institute tracks abortions in the USA by surveying abortion “providers” (baby killers). Their latest numbers for 2014 show 926,190 babies murdered – some 2, 537 per day.

These numbers fall far short of the 4,000 daily baby murders purported by the church sign we saw. But they cover the USA only. What about abortions worldwide? I found those numbers truly shocking…

  • The Guttmacher Institute estimates some 56.3 million children were murdered annually on average from 2010 to 2014 by abortion. That’s a daily estimated average of over 15,000.
  • The World Health Organization is trying to stop what it calls “unsafe” abortions. It estimates that some 21.6 million “unsafe” abortions are performed yearly.

Presumably, when the WHO talks about “unsafe” abortions, they mean “unsafe” to the mothers or other bystanders, since abortion is the ultimate “unsafeness” for the murdered babies.

In any case, the 20 children that the barbarian, Bashar al-Assad, killed with his Sarin gas attack are insignificant when compared to the wholesale slaughter of babies by the “civilized” professional baby killers through abortion. What the Syrian barbarian butcher did in one day is about 0.13% of the butchery done by the civilized, professional “women’s health providers” around the world each and every day!

Clearly, Bashar al-Assad is a rank amateur in baby murder, when compared with the pros who make a living from it. Where’s the worldwide outrage over that? How come Planned Parenthood “clinics” aren’t getting the “Tomahawk chop?”

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