Joel is an end-times prophecy which closely interlocks with other prophecies about the coming Day of the Lord in which the old creation will be destroyed and a new world free from sin, death, and evil will be created.

Joel 2:1-24

Part 2 of our examination of the prophecy of Joel. The prophet foretells an invasion of God’s land by a multitude which Joel likens to a swarm of locusts that completely devastates the land as never before seen.

Joel 1

The prophecy of Joel is clearly (in my opinion) an “end-times” prophecy – the fulfillment of which is yet in the future. It interlocks completely with other end-times prophecies found in Daniel, Ezekiel, Zechariah, Matthew 24, Revelation. The overarching theme of these prophecies is the coming “Day of the Lord” which will bring the utter destruction of the current universe and God’s creation of an entirely new world in which sin and all the curses sin brought into the first creation – death, disease, famine, war, pain, sorrow, and everything else we collectively call “evil” – are purged completely and eternally.