Just Another Pampered White Kid Who Thinks He Owns the World

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Pat atop the cable spool play ground
Emperor Pat – Master of the Cable Spool Dominion

Here’s the latest addition to our Huppstead – Born to Clorox and Leah Hupp on April 4th, 2017. Known affectionately to his family as Pat, his full name is Mashed Potatoes, so called by his godmother over the objections of his godfather who wanted to name him Honky or Cracker.

He has his daddy’s coat and blue eyes, and his mama’s La Mancha earlets. He has decided that the cable spools belong to him, and has proclaimed himself Emperor Pat of the Cable Spool Dominion, willing and able to defend his realm against any and all who would challenge his authoriteye.

4 thoughts on “Just Another Pampered White Kid Who Thinks He Owns the World”

  1. Wayuhll, I done commented once, but it looks like it didn’t post. Probably got the math wrong on the captcha!
    Your cracker goat story is a crack-up, like you brothuh Brian! Thanks for the great chuckle!

  2. Hahahahaha! Great post brother Brian! Cleverly-written, and gave me a good chuckle 🙂
    I like “cracker” already! Hehe


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