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It’s no secret that I am utterly appalled by Creepy Uncle Joe, his army of “woke” toadies – whom I should more properly call his masters, and the Biden regime’s blatant implementation of policies transparently and intentionally designed to systematically transform my beloved American republic into a communist dictatorship. Every time I see “America’s first female four-star admiral” – Rachel (or whatever his real name is) Levine whom Biden’s crowd installed in the department of Health and Human Services in order to kowtow to America’s pervert brown (rainbow) shirt mob, my blood pressure goes up by 15 points. Whenever I see Uncle Joe on television fumbling his way through the scripts prepared for him by his handlers, I become enraged anew at the ignorant and selfish American electorate who installed this schmuck as “Commander” in Chief simply out of blind hatred for his predecessor. Nor can anyone fail to notice my utter disrespect for the spin doctors of the mainstream media who labor 24/7 to promote the agendas of their shadowy puppet masters through distraction, misinformation, and outright fabrication of what we laughingly call “news.” Even catching a glimpse of the MSNBC talking heads literally nauseates me before the first line of utter garbage issues forth from their despicable pie holes as I frantically click through the channel to find something (anything) else.

But I won’t be flogging those poor tired horses in this BriRant. Actually, what happened today to inspire this sweet little serving of curmudgeonliness is pretty humorous in a tragic sort of way. Recently, I gave Surly Curmudgeon fans (if any) a BriRant called The Old Shell Game about our human propensity for calling things something they are not as a means of promoting our own preconceptions and opinions, utterly regardless of the actual facts of a given matter. Then this morning two headlines popped up in my news feed that made me laugh out loud by their juxtaposition.

Both of these “news” stories pertained to the same recent political poll as Creepy Joe prepares to shove his odious mug into the starting gate of the 2024 presidential race.

The poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research shows that 26% of Americans overall want to see Biden run again — a slight recovery from the 22% who said that in January. Forty-seven percent of Democrats say they want him to run, also up slightly from only 37% who said that in January.


What I found amusing wasn’t the indication that more than a quarter of American voters are still so deluded that they actually want to see this despicable bozo in the Oval Office one single microsecond longer than absolutely necessary under the laws of the land. Far from being funny, that idea is really quite pathetic. What was funny was the polar opposite spins placed on the same polling numbers by the “usual suspect” mainstream media outlets.

For the left-hand spin, MSNBC provided this little gem.

WARNING – The blatancy of the slant in this “news story” and the appearance of that great master of reasoned and rational political discourse – Al Sharpton – may cause some viewers to lose their cookies. I nearly did.

MSNBC – Nearly Half of Democrats Want Joe Biden to Run For Re-election

Never to be outdone in throwing their own opinions and agendas into the mix, the “Fair and Balanced” folks over at Fox News had this to say about the poll – CNN anchor asks if US wants ‘4 more years’ of Biden when 74% of Americans say US headed in ‘wrong direction’.

Only those few who are actually paying attention to this lunacy, who attended public school more than thirty years ago, and were taught such lost arts as readin’, writin’, and ‘rithmetic along with logical reasoning and rational debate in their schools (instead of how the color of the unicorn in an Internet meme makes them feel about themselves and their gender) will be able to recognize that these two “news” stories are actually “reporting” the same “facts” albeit with decidedly different “meanings” of the poll numbers assigned by the “reporters” themselves (or rather by their governmental and corporate masters).

But all of this ignores the fact that the polls themselves are meaningless. Polling results are notoriously flawed for several reasons. First, the pollsters choose whom to poll, selecting only those respondents likely to give the “correct” answers. Second, no law requires the polling organization to accurately report the results, so if the poll results don’t match the ones desired by the anonymous financial sponsors of the poll they may simply be discarded or “massaged” until they conform to the sponsors’ desires. Finally, the implied results of any poll depend largely upon how the polling questions are couched. This means of putting spin onto polling has been perfected into a fine art as demonstrated by that great political philosopher Sir Humphrey Applegate…

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