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I am using Ninja Forms for The Surly Curmudgeon’s Contact and e-mail Subscription forms. I had a reCAPTCHA embedded in those forms, but found that the reCAPTCHA is not displaying properly every time when the form popup window is fired. I did a little research on the web, and it seems I’m not the only one experiencing the same issue. The folks at Ninja Forms recommended that the reCAPTCHA is not really necessary because Ninja forms already embed a hidden honeypot field into every form as an anti-spam measure. I am also running the Akismet Anti-spam plugin. So with all of that already barring the door, the reCAPTCHA was probably redundant redundant, and it was blocking the functionality of the forms. If I start having a problem with spam, I’ll revisit the issue, but for now the reCAPTCHA is outa there.

BTW – I also removed the arithmetic question CAPTCHA that was added by the WP All In One Security & Firewall plugin from the post comments form. It was causing an issue for people wanting to comment on my notoriously long-winded posts, because by the time they’d finally worked their way through all the posts’ curmudgeoliciousness, the arithmetic question had aged out, and when they entered the correct answer the CAPTCHA incorrectly marked their answer as incorrect. Basically they were giving the correct answer to the wrong question, so the form post failed. At least that’s my theory. Anyway, the post reply form CAPTCHA is outa there too.

Did you hear that, spammers? Blast away – you tiny-brained wipers of other people’s bottoms.

Apologies to John Cleese.

Enjoy! See ya ’round the Funway.

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