Sue’s Second Keeper

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Sue's First Keeper Bass
Sue’s First Keeper Bass

Spent a pleasant evening with Jeremy Hupp fishing at one of the local small lakes. Sue caught this lovely bass just about sunset. It’s almost identical to Brian’s first one he caught last week at Calhoun Falls State Park, but this one’s a male.

We were going to try to go after some cats after dark, but got run off the lake by one of the locals. It’s a private lake, and we were authorized to fish there as guests of one of the residents, but there’s no fishing allowed at night, and apparently one of the residents across the lake has taken on the self-appointed role of fish cop. That’s all right. The mosquitoes were about to carry us off anyway.

Sue caught a pretty large keeper Crappie a few weeks ago on one of the local black water streams that runs near the house, so this bass is her second.

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