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Lakeside Addition 10 – Interior Wall Framing

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We had another six days of delay following the completion of the addition floors and exterior walls before work continued on the interior walls. For the life of me, I can’t recall whether the delay was due to lack of materials, weather, or crew unavailability. The fits and starts of the project have started to blur into one another in our minds. Many days we’re very frustrated at the lack of progress. Other days we’re flabbergasted by how much gets done in just a few short hours.

But I’ll stop whining now…
May 6th dawned clear and crisp. It’s absolutely unbelievable how pleasant, cool, and dry these days have been. One of the frustrating things is watching the project languish for lack of material or labor when the weather is so perfect. By now in the late South Carolina spring walking around outside should feel like taking a steam bath. But so far this year it’s been just perfectly wonderful weather. Within a few hours today, the crew finished sheathing and wrapping the addition exterior walls, and framing the interior walls.

Interior Wall Framing – May 6th, 2021

Without the interior wall drywall and all the doors and windows, it’s difficult to visualize just from photos what the house will look like. The first photo here shows the view from the main entry through the studio entry door to the studio front wall window.

The studio will have a large double window on the front wall and a smaller window in the side wall looking out onto the balcony. Turning right, from the entryway a short hallway leads past a large coat closet into the master bathroom.

The master bedroom is accessed via the master bathroom. The master suite will have a long walk-in closet along the wall between the master bedroom and master bathroom. The closet will be wide enough for a person to walk between two double-deep clothes hanger rods.

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