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Lakeside Addition 8 – Basement Wall Framing

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Basement Wall Framing – April 27th, 2021

Due to scheduling conflicts and delayed materials delivery, it was a week following completion of the foundation before the wood framing of the addition could start. That was actually not so bad because we had a little bit of gentle rain during that time, which was good for curing the foundation’s concrete. Finally April 27th dawned bright and clear. The framing crew arrived early, and began preparing the new basement foundation to receive the wood-framed walls. They had to knock concrete slag away, remove the form boards, and in a few cases relocate or add concrete anchor bolts. At mid-morning, the lumber was delivered, and the framing crew set about laying out the basement sills, and anchoring them down. By the end of the day, the two basement wood-framed walls were standing and ready for hanging of the addition floor joists.

Forklift delivering lumber
Lumber Delivery
Completed basement frame walls.
Basement Walls
Framer building the first basement stud wall
Basement Front Wall Framing
Standing Up the First Wall
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