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All-in-one Wordpress Security, wordpress comment failure

I just now realized that post comments on The Surly Curmudgeon have been failing. I tried to add a comment of my own regarding some corrections made to one of the Bible studies, and my own comment was rejected. The issue turned out to be one of the settings in my security plugin. Supposedly, this setting was to block comments from Spam Bots. What kind of corrupt world do we live in where we actually have a special name for software used to generate junk mail? But I digress…

I turned that setting off, and comments are now working again. Hopefully, I won’t get flooded with spam now. I’m a little disappointed that nobody pointed this problem out using the site’s contact form. Maybe nobody ever tried to make a comment to any of the Surly Curmudgeon’s content. That would be even more disappointing.

But I’ll stop whining now and get back to creating the sort of stimulating content that will inspire my visitors (if any) to write comments about it.

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