The Road from Ephesus to Sardis

Our church like so many others has lost our first love and is now on the path toward being a zombie church – dead but with a reputation for being alive. What can/should be done?

The Coming Electoral Train Wreck

Train falling off burning bridge

Think the 2020 presidential election was a disaster? You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet! Think the Biden presidency is a travesty? Get ready for worse to come. For the time being, former President Donald Trump is the clear leader in the race for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination. Despite The Donald’s … More…

The Old Shell Game

Modern society has raised calling one thing something else to a fine art. We do this for two reasons – to avoid facing facts ourselves, and to mislead or distract our listeners.

Do Human Clones Have Human Souls?

Jeff Goldblum quote from Jurassic Part - You were so preoccupied with whether you could, you didn't stop to think if you should.

Assuming that human science will soon be able to create human clones and/or artificial intelligence equal to or superior to human intelligence, what inalienable rights would such creations inherently possess?

Reflections on Dakota

I wrote this BriRant as the prairie wind blasted our travel trailer while we camped one evening on our return from the Great Plains to the Great Northwest Woods during our road trip last Autumn. Our time in the Dakotas affected my spirit deeply. History teaches that I am certainly … More…

One Life

Portrait of C.T. Studd

I had never read the full text of C.T. Studd’s famous poem “One Life.” Nor did I know anything of this great man of God’s exemplary life.

America – In Rebellion Against Her Creator

Painting - Expulsion from Eden

My response to a comment made on another BriRant claiming that America was founded as a Christian nation but has rebelled against God and lost her God-given blessings.