Another Memorable Memorial Day

Cabellas Missing Man Table

Rant pertaining to Memorial Day, and how it has largely been memorable over my career by not having the day off.
Also, a little talk about the missing man.

Bye Bye For Now, Facebook

Facebook logo with a red circle around it and diagonal red bar through it

Why I’m going to be ignoring Facebook for a while, and maybe turning it off for good.

Are Prejudice and Discrimination Inherently Wrong?

Little Rock Arkansas Central High School integration juxtaposed with a two lesbians kissing in wedding dresses.

Exploring the idea that discrimination against certain behaviors in the conduct of business and life is not necessarily immoral even when based upon personal prejudice, and may in fact be a loving Christian’s only valid moral position.

The Christmas (Card) Blues

The bittersweet air of Christmas time, and the remorseful reflection brought on by a thorough scrubbing of my contact list in preparation for sending out Christmas cards for the first time in many years.

The Evils of the Cheater Pipe

Cheater pipe being used by three military members to close a chain lock on a buldozer transporter.

A “war” story about the often deleterious effects of using cheater pipes on wrenches. A dear friend recently reminded me of how sections of pipe are sometimes put onto the handles of tools like pipe wrenches to increase leverage – often with “suboptimal” results. It reminded me of this story.

Kipling – The City of Brass

Rudyard Kipling is accused – with good reason – of being a racist and an imperialist, but this poem attests that he was also a prophet. I share it here in its entirety because the online resources I’ve found are full of transcription errors which destroy not only the meter and rhyme, but the meaning of the words. How does one forge a sward, pray tell?

Rapture Predictions Like “The Great Sign” Stumble the Lost

Since Jesus ascended to Heaven, Christians have been awaiting His return. As the world descends into anarchy, our desire for Jesus’ return becomes more and more fervent. Despite Jesus’ own admonition against it, Christians have tried since ancient times to determine from scripture exactly when the “rapture” will occur. The latest of these predictions is the so-called “Great Sign” – an alignment in the heavens which will happen on September 23rd, 2017. I submit that such predictions are a danger to those who are not yet believers in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.