Rapture Predictions Like “The Great Sign” Stumble the Lost

Since Jesus ascended to Heaven, Christians have been awaiting His return. As the world descends into anarchy, our desire for Jesus’ return becomes more and more fervent. Despite Jesus’ own admonition against it, Christians have tried since ancient times to determine from scripture exactly when the “rapture” will occur. The latest of these predictions is the so-called “Great Sign” – an alignment in the heavens which will happen on September 23rd, 2017. I submit that such predictions are a danger to those who are not yet believers in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Camping World CEO Apology

Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis made some ill-considered remarks on a recent TV interview and has issued a heartfelt apology which will be forwarded as a PDF in response to customer feedback posted on the company website. Since none of the news media is likely to share this apology because true humility isn’t considered newsworthy, I decided to share it here.

Why We Fight

A little tirade about the motivations of soldiers in answer to commonly voiced contentions about the American Civil War.

An(other) Appeal for Salvation in Christ for My Non-Christian Loved Ones

Yet another heartfelt appeal on behalf of my beloved friends and loved ones who have not yet called upon the Name of Jesus for salvation. Our hope for eternal life and forgiveness of our sins can only be found in Jesus. Satan’s program of lies designed to distract us from the Truth of the Gospel is reaching a crescendo, and I am convinced that the time is drawing very short until Jesus returns to overthrow satan’s wicked regime, and (re)establish God’s dominion over the Earth as it is in Heaven. Time is very short for those who will to believe the Gospel of Jesus and call upon His Name for salvation.