No Comment –> Yes Comment

I just now realized that post comments on The Surly Curmudgeon have been failing. I tried to add a comment of my own regarding some corrections made to one of the Bible studies, and my own comment was rejected. The issue turned out to be one of the settings in … More…


GoDaddy logo to SiteGround logo with arrow behind The Surly Curmudgeon logo

Blow-by-blow account of The Surly Curmudgeon’s migration from GoDaddy to SiteGround.

Buh-Bye GoDaddy

GoDaddy logo to SiteGround logo with arrow behind The Surly Curmudgeon logo

Informing visitors of the recent website migration from GoDaddy hosting to SiteGround hosting. Warning about rendering of special characters that still needs to be cleaned up.

TSC Subscription and Contact

Praising God Silluette

After weeks of struggle, the Contact and Subscription functions of The Surly Curmudgeon have been restored.

Hebrew Quotations

YHWH - Yahweh

I just noticed something very strange that may be a bug in the Gutenberg editor or in my “go-to” browser – Firefox, or in my feeble brain. While editing a new sermon post for next Wednesday, I saw that a multi-word Hebrew quotation taken from Blue Letter Bible was displayed … More…

Brave Browser versus GoDaddy CDN

Brave and GoDaddy logos collide and exploded animation

The Brave browser is incompatible with GoDaddy’s content delivery network. It took me weeks to troubleshoot this issue after heading down several wrong paths.

CAPTCHA Released

The reCAPTCHAs on the contact and subscription forms weren’t displaying consistently, so they have been removed.

It’s Baaaacckk!

Squirrel says "we're back"

The sad tale of The Surly Curmudgeon’s scrape with death.